“Night Witches” and the Flying Beasts From The East

Deano In America

September 10th, 2011

Eastern Front Flying Day

Once again I returned to Paine Field, Everett (almost becoming my summer weekend getaway) to see the latest flying day held by the Flying Heritage Collection! Todays display was to showcase the collections Russian aircraft:

Polikarpov U-2/PO-2

A general purpose biplane mainly used as a flight trainer, built between 1928-1953. This particular example was built in 1944 and was restored from a derelict airframe found in Belarus. It is painted up in the markings of the WW2 46th “Taman” Guards Regiment.

The 46th was a Soviet regiment made up entirely of female air and ground crew (when originally formed as the 588th regiment the Germans were almost at the gates of Moscow and it was all hands on deck, hence everyone including female combatants were required to fight and they became the first nation to do so).  The 46th operated from 1942 to 1945, flying thousands of missions and…

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