The Patriots Jet Team

The Patriots are a civilian jet demonstration team flying six Cold War era Czech built Aero L-39 Albatros jet trainers in a striking black paint scheme. The pilots are qualified aerobatic pilots and most are ex-members of military display teams (USAF Thunderbirds, US Navy Blue Angels and Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds).

The Patriots Jet Team Joint Base Lewis McChord 2012
The Patriots

I recently saw The Patriots fly at the 2012 Joint Base Lewis McChord Air Expo in July. They put on a great show!

The Patriots Aero L-39 Albatros
Patriotic red, white and blue!
The Patriots jet team USA
The flight of six
The Patriots Joint Base Lewis McChord Air Expo 2012
A tighter formation pass
The Patriots formation loop
Nice formation loop
The Patriots Inverted
Inverted two ship formation pass
Top View The Patriots jet team JBLM 2012
Nice topside view of the Aero L-39 Albatros
The Patriots Patriot 4
Who’s watching who?
two ship formation The Patriots
Smooth 2 ship formation pass

An exciting highlight was some very low high-speed passes just above the runway and some nice close crossovers (well they make it look close at least)! Great flying!

Low Pass The Patriots Joint Base Lewis McChord Air Expo 2012
How low can you go?
Low fast pass The Patriots Aero L-39
Low and fast!
The Patriots L-39 crossover
Time for a crossover!
The Patriots Crossover Joint Base Lewis McChord Air Expo 2012
Nice work!

I look forward to seeing The Patriots again at the Reno Air Races in Nevada in September.

The Patriots
This was photo 60,000 on my trusty old EOS400D!
Low formation pass the Patriots
One last low formation pass
formation burst The Patriots Joint Base Lewis McChord
Formation burst to end their JBLM 2012 display

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