de Havilland Mosquito KA114 in Virginia Beach, USA

After having seen the worlds only flying de Havilland DH98 Mosquito (a FB Mk.26 fighter-bomber model with the serial number KA114) earlier this year in New Zealand over a 3 day period at Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 I was having some withdrawal symptoms and needed to see this beautiful machine fly again! I also have a special affection for this aircraft as a relative (Charles Scherf) flew them in World War Two and was one of Australia’s top air aces during this conflict, as such I had grown up hearing lots of stories about him and the “Mossie” from my Grandfather.  Given I am back in the USA I thought what better than to head to Virginia Beach to see her first public flying display in this country at Warbirds Over The Beach Air Show 2013 held at KA114’s new home the Military Aviation Museum.

Mosquito KA114 Virginia Beach USA 2013
Mosquito KA114 at Virginia Beach 2013
Mosquito KA114
This serial number is becoming very famous
Warbirds over the Beach KA114 Mosquito
In the Hangar for an engine check
Warbirds over the Beach KA114 Mosquito
Good to see her back together
Warbirds over the Beach KA114 Mosquito Merlin Engine
The Merlin Engine was one of the greatest from WW2

Unfortunately Warbirds Over The Beach was the air show that never was. The weather was atrocious and due to heavy rain the grass strip became more or less unusable for the majority of aircraft. As such the day I was there (the Sunday) flight operations were actually cancelled. This followed a heavy downpour, lightning and 3 paratroopers getting stuck high up in trees off the airfield after being dropped by a Curtiss C-46 Commando (one of the few aircraft to fly that day). They had to be rescued by just about every emergency vehicle in Virginia Beach it seemed!

C-46 Commando
The C-46 takes off with much anticipation from the crowd
C-46 Paratroopers Virginia Beach 2013
Look at that ominous sky as the paratroopers leave the C-46!
Paratroopers Virginia Beach
Trouble awaits…..
Curtiss C-46 Commando Virginia Beach 2013
Curtiss C-46 Commando
Virginia  Beach Emergency
Just a fraction of the emergency services heading out to attend to the paratroopers up in the trees!

The day before was apparently not much better (except without all the drama), so the only day Mosquito KA114 briefly flew was the Friday practice day which I of course missed out on totally. Quite a shame for the organisers but overall I got to take a very close up look at the “Mossie” (including inside the cockpit and under the engine cowl to see the mighty Merlin) and there were a lot of great aircraft to see in the museum and on the tarmac, so it wasn’t a total waste of time. Just disappointing after travelling so far, but it was nice to see KA114 is back together again (and flight capable) after being disassembled and shipped across the world!

Merlin Engine KA114 Mosquito Virginia beach
Working on the Merlin Engine
Packard Merlin 225
Packard Merlin 225
Mosquito KA114
The Wooden Wonder
KA114 Mosquito Cockpit
Inside the cockpit
Mosquito Merlin Engine
Clean lines
KA114 Mosquito Guns

The next major public display for KA114 will be at the Hamilton Air Show 2013 in Ontario, Canada. I would love to make it up there, but I really want to see the Boeing B-29 SuperfortressFifi” fly in Pennsylvania next month….too many choices out there in the USA!

Warbirds over the Beach 2013
Warbirds Over The Beach promised so much…….

9 thoughts on “de Havilland Mosquito KA114 in Virginia Beach, USA

  1. […] For me the “Mossie” has a special place as a relative, Charles Curnow Scherf was one of Australia’s best aces during World War Two flying a similar type of Mosquito over Europe. When I heard that Mosquito KA114 would be flying at Wings Over Wairarapa 2013 in New Zealand (in the town of Masterton at Hood Aerodrome on January 18th-20th) I just had to get over there and see this magnificent machine fly. This was also to be the last public flying display in New Zealand for KA114 before being flown back to Auckland, packed up and shipped to Virginia in the USA (it is owned by Jerry Yagen and will become the star flying attraction of his Military Aviation Museum in Virginia Beach). […]


  2. I watched the New Zealand team under Glyn Powell, rebuild this amazing aircraft then unfortunately was on holiday in USA when it first flew in 2012. I would still love to see it fly so would appreciate any info on where and when it will be visiting North American airshows in the future. Thanks.


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