WW2 Weekend 2013 (Part 1) – Bombers, Transports & Military Reenactors

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, Pennsylvania hosted their annual World War Two Weekend on June 7th to 9th, 2013. What an event! Despite inclement weather leading into the weekend it turned out pretty nice and plenty of flying was able to happen with many classic Warbirds from that era taking to the skies. On top of this was an incredible array of military reenactors who had set up a huge base camp complete with uniforms, weaponry and vehicles. A very impressive show! This blog is part 1 of an overview of the event specifically for the bigger aircraft that flew or were on static display during the weekend along with the vast number of military reenactors on the ground. A number of these aircraft were giving joy flights throughout the day if you had the cash!

C-46 Reading, PA WW2 Weekend
Reading, PA WW2 Weekend

I had specifically come to see two World War Two era bombers. “Fifi” which is the worlds only flying Boeing B-29 Superfortress and also a Consolidated B-24 Liberator.  Alas the latter had engine mechanical problems and did not arrive at the show but “Fifi” flew all day taking passengers on warbird flights and also completed a fantastic air show display. It was fantastic to see this large yet so streamlined bomber flying low to the ground and giving us a great top view! Almost a work of art if it wasn’t for it’s intended destructive role!

B-29 Fifi WW2 Weekend Reading 2013
Fifi takes off
Boeing B-29 Superfortress "Fifi" - WW2 Weekend, Reading, PA 2013
low pass B-29 Fifi
An interesting low pass by the B-29
B-29 Fifi
Another joy flight underway in “Fifi”

The absence of the B-24 was ably taken up by the presence of one of the USAAF other prominent World War Two bombers the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. In this case “Yankee Lady“.

B-17 Yankee Lady
B-17 “Yankee Lady”
B-17 World War Two Weekend Reading PA 2013
The B-17 – A classic WW2 aircraft
B-17 Yankee Lady reading pa 2013
B-17 “Yankee Lady” on take off
B-17 Yankee Lady WW2 Weekend 2013 Reading PA
B-17 “Yankee Lady” giving a joyflight to some lucky people!

A number of other large combat Warbirds were also present such as 5 North American B-25 Mitchell bombers all with fantastic nose art (“Panchito“, “Briefing Time“, “Take Off Time“, “Yankee Warrior” and “Georgie’s Gal“) and a Lockheed P-2 Neptune maritime patrol aircraft.

North American B-25 Mitchell
North American B-25 Mitchell “Panchito”
North American B-25 Mitchell Panchito
North American B-25 Mitchell Reading WW2 Weekend 2013
North American B-25 Mitchell Reading 2013
B-25 “Panchito”
North American B-25 Mitchell Reading PA 2013
B-25 “Yankee Warrior”
North American B-25 Mitchell Yankee Warrior
“Yankee Warrior”
North American B-25 Mitchell
B-25 “Take Off Time”
North American B-25 Mitchell Take off time
B-25 “Take Off Time”
B-25 Georgies Gal WW2 Weekend Reading PA 2013
B-25 “Georgie’s Gal”
B-25 Reading WW2 Weekend PA Georgies Gal
My favourite nose art on the B-25’s “Georgie’s Gal” which was different on each side (devil and angel)
B-25 Mitchell Georgies Gal
My favourite nose art on the B-25’s “Georgie’s Gal” which was different on each side (angel and devil)
North American B-25 Mitchell Briefing Time
B-25 “Briefing Time”
B-25 "Briefing Time"
B-25 “Briefing Time”
Lockheed P-2 Neptune Reading WW2 Mid Atlantic Air Museum PA USA
Lockheed P-2 Neptune

Transport aircraft included a Beech C-45 Expediter called “Bucket of Bolts“(!), 2 Douglas C-47 Skytrains, a Curtiss C-46 Commando and a Douglas C-54 Skymaster. The majority of these took to the sky for various flight displays during the day.

Beech C-45 "Bucket of Bolts" Reading WW2 Weekend 2013
Beech C-45 “Bucket of Bolts”
Douglas C-47 Reading 2013
C-46 Commando
C-47 surrounded my military re-enactors Reading WW2 Weekend 2013
C-47 surrounded my military re-enactors
Douglas C-54 Reading PA 2013

The military reenactors covered a number of nations. I noted American, British, German and Chinese Nationalist forces out there. These men and women take this very seriously and their level of detail and attention in regards to uniforms, equipment, weapons and vehicles is impressive to say the least!

Iwo Jima flag raising re-enactment Reading PA WW2 Weekend 2013
USMC Iwo Jima flag raising re-enactment
British military reenactors Reading WW2 Weekend 2013
Here come the Brits
German Kubelwagen WW2 Weekend PA 2012
German Kubelwagen
German Military Re-Enactors Reading PA
Here come the Germans!
US Willy's Jeep & M3 Halftrack
US Willy’s Jeep & M3 Halftrack
German Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack WW2 Weekend Reading 2013
German Sd.Kfz. 251 Halftrack
German Stug III  Replica
German Stug III (a replica made on the base of 2 British APC’s apparently)
German Kubelwagen & Staff Car Reading PA WW2 2013
German Kubelwagen & Staff Car
German Motorcycles WW2 Weekend 2013 Reading Pennsylvania
German Motorcycles
Willys Jeep
A well armed Willy’s Jeep
German halftrack & aa gun
German halftrack & AA gun
Chinese Nationalists Reading WW2 Weekend 2013
Chinese Nationalists

In addition to the military reenactors there were also veterans giving presentations and signing books and the like. There was even some comedy with an Abbott and Costello routine!

Abbott & Costello Tribute
Abbott & Costello “Who’s on First”

All in all the World War Two Weekend was a great event that was well-organized and very entertaining. If you are ever in Pennsylvania in June I thoroughly recommend attending this weekend event. Part 2 of this blog features the fighters and other smaller aircraft that flew or took part as a static display at the air show.

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  1. Do you know of any air shows or shows where we could see any of these plans and the P-38? Thank you for any information you van give me


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