NASA Gate Guardians

Two sleek-looking NASA Northrop T-38 Talons impressively stand guard at the main entrance to Space Centre Houston in Texas. Originally a USAF aircraft, the nimble T-38 first entered service with NASA in the 1960’s and due to its high level of capability and low operating cost, is still used today for Astronaut flight proficiency and training along with mission support duties such as acting a safety chase plane and photography platform.

T-38 Gate Guardians NASA Space Centre Houston
T-38 Gate Guardians

The majority of the active NASA fleet are operated from Ellington Field near Johnson Space Centre which is right next door to Space Centre Houston. You may also spot them from time to time in the skies over California and Florida at other NASA bases. It’s nice to see that such an old design is still effective and in use (including in the USAF). Northrop really designed a winner in the T-38.

NASA T-38's over California
NASA T-38’s over California (Photo Source: NASA)

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