Blackbird Airpark

Sadly they no longer scream through the air but just to see a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird strategic reconnaissance aircraft up close is an impressive sight. The Blackbird is a big aircraft and there is really nothing else like it, with that black, uniquely designed, almost flat 85% titanium airframe combined with huge delta wings containing the powerful… Read More Blackbird Airpark

The tale of the Dragonlady and her Pontiac G8

Once upon a time there was a Dragonlady who could fly very, very high, but she found it incredibly difficult to land safely…… Luckily her trusty Pontiac G8 was there to help her come back down to earth safe and sound every time. The Lockheed U-2 “Dragonlady” is a long-range high altitude (above 70,000 feet), all-weather, single engined reconnaissance spy… Read More The tale of the Dragonlady and her Pontiac G8