Kansas City Chiefs Mass Flyover

On October 13th, 2013 I just happened to be standing outside in Kansas City, Missouri in the USA when I got to see a little bit of history occur in the sky above. As part of the huge buildup to the nearby Kansas City Chiefs NFL game (they won and were 6-0 for the season) a mass formation of 49(!) KC Flight Formation Team Van’s RV kit build aircraft flew low over Arrowhead Stadium trailing pink smoke.

KC Formation Flight Chiefs Game Oct 13 2013 49 Vans RV aircraft
Impressive flyover!

The game against the Oakland Raiders and the flight were part of a Breast Cancer Awareness campaign (hence the pink smoke) raising something like $30,000 for the cause. The crowd at the game broke the Guinness Book of Records for the loudest crowd roar at an outdoor stadium at a whopping 137.5 decibels! The flyover of 49 Van’s RV aircraft is also believed to be a world record for the largest ever civilian formation flight (this is being assessed at the moment for verification).

KC Flight Formation Team - 49 Vans RV flyover Kansas City Missouri Kansas City Chiefs Oct 13 2013
KC Flight Formation Team – 49 Vans RV flyover

Although I wasn’t at the stadium it was still impressive to see so many aircraft together. They broke up the formation over downtown where I was near at the time. A MetLife blimp (TV camera onboard?) was flying towards the stadium earlier in the day too. Busy little aviation day over Kansas City!

MetLife blimp heading to the KC Chiefs game Oct 13 2013
MetLife blimp heading to the KC Chiefs game – love the Snoopy image too!

2 thoughts on “Kansas City Chiefs Mass Flyover

  1. 49 private a/c in formation — a rare sight to witness — glad you caught this one as I would not have heard of this one otherwise 🙂


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